Why Choose a Teknomek Product?

Find out what makes our products special


Made using 1.5mm thick 304 grade stainless steel to withstand knocks and bumps

Easy Clean

Designed for fast, efficient cleaning with minimal dirt traps

Huge choice, fast delivery

Many different sizes, shelving options, mobile, upstands or 316 grade - just ask!

Perfect balance

Four stainless steel adjustable feet

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Tables & Workbenches

Sturdy, long lasting tables in multiple choices of designs with up to 250kg payload.

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Perforated tables and workbenches

Perforated top for optimum airflow through the table.

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Polyethylene top workbenches

Our long lasting polyethylene topped workbenches can be removed and replaced when needed.

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Build your workstation to suit you, using our hygienic baskets range, for optimum operational efficiency.

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Lecterns & writing desks

Improved design to be even more hygienic, our lecterns and writing desks are easy clean and effortlessly hygienic.

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Stainless Steel Tables and Lecterns

The 304 grade stainless steel we use has no pores or cracks that may harbour dirt, grime or bacteria. This flexibility makes stainless steel the perfect option for bespoke designs, whether that’s an adaptation on a theme or a piece of furniture made entirely from scratch. One of our core products since the beginning, our tables have withstood the test of time, proving they are built to last. We’ve designed our tables and lecterns to be as easy clean and practical as possible, providing best value. With the correct care and maintenance, stainless steel can remain in its current state for decades. For harsh cleaning or environments, 316 grade is available on request. 



  • Can you make bespoke sizes or customisations?

    Yes we can make many customisations to our standard tables, from different dimensions to additional features.

  • What are the benefits of perforated stainless steel?

    Our perforated stainless steel allows constant air flow through the surface, removing swirling or stagnant air that air on or above the surfaces providing the optimal airflow.

  • What are the benefits of height adjustable?

    Our ergonomic height adjustable tables are designed to provide maximum comfort when working at different heights for long periods of time.