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Quality workmanship, quality steel, quality welding and quality design all factor into our long lasting products.


The easy clean design of our products ensure you save time and money cleaning down, and they’re built to last. 

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Our helpful advice, reliable delivery and knowledgeable team ensure you get the information and products you need without hassle.  

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Made using 1.5mm thick 304 grade stainless steel to withstand knocks and bumps

Easy Clean

Designed for fast, efficient cleaning with minimal dirt traps

Huge choice, fast delivery

Many different sizes, shelving options, mobile, upstands or 316 grade - just ask!

Perfect balance

Four stainless steel adjustable feet

Product Categories

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Production accessories

Small things can make a big difference. All the extras you need; from anti-microbial & metal detectable brushes, to stainless steel catering products. 

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Storage & Handling

Hygienic cupboards, shelving, trolleys and much more.

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Office Furniture

From clipboards, to document holders, to seating – we offer a large range for industries where hygiene is a priority.

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Changing Rooms

Our boot racks & seating benches have been improved so and are now even more hygienic, functional and easier and faster to clean than before.

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Washroom & Sinks

We offer a large range, with many products kept in stock.

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Hygiene & Waste

Everything you need to ensure maximum hygiene, from spray guns, to PPE, to waste bag holders to sanitising door handles.

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Health & safety

From safety steps, to anti-fatigue matting, to emergency equipment.

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Hang tough with Teknomek 

You wouldn’t think hanging around all day is a particularly tough job. But when it comes to wall-mounted cupboards, they need to be robust, super hygienic and fit for purpose. That’s a big ask.

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A neat idea

A place for everything and everything in its place. Our shadow board cleaning stations help keep your equipment neatly stored when not in use. But their biggest task is to protect against contamination, day in, day out.

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Ticking all the write boxes for hygienic design

You know what we’re like – always looking for ways to make our furniture and equipment even more hygienic. We just can’t help ourselves! So we’ve recently taken a fresh look at our lecterns and writing desks…

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A game changer for changing rooms

It’s the perfect place for bacteria and other microbes to spread – a busy changing room that’s often warm, sometimes damp, and where people constantly come and go.

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