Pharmaceutical & Medical

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Tables & Lecterns

Whether you’re looking for easy height adjustment, optimal air flow or the ideal writing desk, our tables and lecterns offer the ideal hygienic workspace.

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Pull up a chair (or a stool) and browse our range of cleanroom-compliant seating – choose from features such as anti-microbial, autoclavable and anti-static.

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Stamp out bacteria by fighting it from the ground up with Teknomek’s range of matting. Our anti-fatigue matting fits all standard autoclaves and reduces standing fatigue, while sticky tack mats stop dirt in its tracks.

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Storage & Handling

From shelving to baskets, cupboards to trolleys, Teknomek has a hygienic storage solution for pretty much everything – whether it’s on the wall, on the floor, or on the move.

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Washrooms & Sinks

Our stainless steel sinks are incredibly tough and easy to clean, with crevice-free design so that dirt won’t lurk. Perfect for environments where hygiene is everything.

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Hygiene & Waste

Create an efficient and spotless workspace with Teknomek’s range of hygiene and waste products, from dispensers and waste bag holders, to spray guns and hose reels.

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Production Accessories

From churns and paddles, to brooms and brushes, we have all the extras you need for your food-safe workspace. Many of our cleaning accessories are anti-microbial too, helping to kill bacteria mercilessly.

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Seating Benches

Who wants to sit on a dirt trap? No one. So we’ve improved our seating bench design no minimise crevices for easy cleaning. Plus, we have a range of under-bench storage to tuck footwear neatly away.

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Cleanroom Compliant

Grade 4

316 Grade Available

To make it even tougher


Perfect for your harsh clean down routines


Easily dismantled for thorough cleaning

A sterile discussion

Why did the bacteria cross the microscope? To get to the other slide. So there we have it, there’s nothing funny about bacteria, or any other microorganisms for that matter. While many microbes are harmless, the risk of any of the harmful minority making their way into a sterile environment cannot be underestimated. From this perspective, it’s really not worth cutting corners when it comes to furniture and other support kit. A practical approach to take during the procurement process is to work backwards from the practicalities of the cleaning regime. There are certain considerations that apply in general, for example is hygiene factored into the design? Intelligently designed furniture and equipment can reduce clean down time just by offering easier access and be aware of design flaws that could harbour dirt and micro-organisms.


  • We use autoclave, are any of your products autoclavable?

    Many of our products are autoclavable, from seating, to production accessories, to anti-fatigue matting.

  • Optimal airflow is important to us, can you use perforated steel instead?

    Yes we can. Some of products offer a perforated option, such as our tables and paddles. Other products can be manufactured with perforated steel at a bespoke cost.

  • Contamination is a major worry for us, what products do you have to help combat this?

    Our popular contamination preventing products for your industry are our sticky tack matting, our sanitising footbaths and our cleanroom grade seating. In the long run, all of our products are designed to be as easy clean and hygienic as possible.

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