Meat Processing

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Ideal for the food and meat industries, our polyethylene table tops are abrasion resistant, preventing knives from dulling. They can be removed and replaced when needed, and are available in 6 HACCP colours for food coding.

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Euro Tubs

Our robust, hygienic Euro tubs are a must when it comes to handling meat, with a range of generous sizes to choose from. Drop-on plastic lids are available in three different colours to help you know your shank from your shoulder.

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Pre-rinse Units

Sturdy and powerful, our pre-rinse units blast grease and grime away to maximise cleaning results. Ideal for hygienic environments and withstands the demands of heavy use.

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Banish bacteria from your equipment and utensils with our stainless steel sterilisers. All are tough, user friendly and easy to clean.

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What makes our products perfect for your industry?

Find out what makes our products special

Supports your hygiene routines

Boots can be thoroughly washed down while on the rack and the acute angle keeps the inside dry

Plastic free Prongs

Plastic free prongs, reduced risk register work

Reduced dirt traps

Rounded corners don't collect dirt and prongs present less surface area for dirt to collect

Space Saving

Reduced footprint and reduced trip hazard & lighter weight for moving when cleaning

Beef up your meat processing

It’s important to invest in furniture and equipment that can take regular punishment. However, it’s not just the structural integrity that must be considered, it must also be resistant to corrosion, and otherwise robust enough to withstand rigorous cleaning routines. Our easy clean intelligent design can save you hours on cleandown time, by removing the dirt traps from the start, and in turn, saving you money.


  • Are your products audit ready?

    Our products are designed with hygiene in mind. Therefore we have designed out dirt traps, removed plastic and tried to make it as easy as possible for you to pass audits.

  • Can your products withstand a lot of wear and tear?

    Yes. We use high quality 304 grade stainless steel, which when following the correct care and maintenance procedure, can last for decades. We also ensure all our factored products follow this high standard of quality.

  • What are the benefits of anti-microbial?

    Our anti-microbial products use silver ion anti-microbial technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria like E-coli, Listeria, MRSA and campylobacter. This makes them highly recommended for production lines in the food industry.

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