Cleanroom furniture, designed with creativity and obsessive attention to detail, for today’s (and tomorrow’s) ultra-sterile spaces.

Backed up by a team with pharmaceutical-specific knowledge, ready to advise and recommend the right hygienic solution for you.

  • Designed for ISO Class 14644

  • Future proof - for today’s and tomorrow’s clean rooms

  • Industry-leading advice and support


Let’s go back to the future again. Hygienic standards will only continue to get more demanding, and a fully embedded, well documented hygienic culture will be critical to the reputation of every organisation within the pharmaceutical sector.

Aseptic demand
We’re predicting that the popularity of hydrogen
peroxide-based products for cleanroom sterilisation
will continue to grow. In fact, the MHRA actively
encourages its use for bio-decontamination. Whilst
the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide and other
concentrated disinfectants, in tandem with aseptic
approaches, is not in doubt, there is a significant
payoff in terms of the potential harm they can do to
humans and to equipment.
With regular use, hydrogen peroxide will quickly
degrade a chrome surface while lingering bleach
can lead to some stainless steel looking stained and
unclean. We’ve come across companies that, in an
attempt to address the harsh chemicals used during
sterilisation, follow up with an IPA to avoid causing
damage to the surface. In today’s marketplace, can
you really afford this extra time and cost?

Our Hygienox range is all about making your life
easier. All Hygienox furniture is made using 316
stainless steel and is expertly crafted to meet the
exacting requirements for sterile environs. We
ensure no valleys exist where liquid can collect,
and ledges are avoided to prevent microbes from
lurking. With a leading edge, best practice product
specification, we will work with you to create a
cleanroom that will enable you to remain robustly
aseptic for the future.