Health & Safety

From safety steps, to anti-fatigue matting, to emergency equipment.

Occupational Health

Daily work life can wreak havoc with your health, whether is sitting awkwardly or standing for long periods of time, many aspects of business can have a negative effect on your long term health. We provide a range of furniture and equipment that can help you reduce this. Our anti-fatigue matting range has been proven to improve workplace standing fatigue by up to 50%! We also offer ergonomic seating and height adjustable tables, which can drastically help take unnecessary strain off your body. Working with heights? Our safety steps provides a rigid and safe work environment at high levels. With a sturdy, visible locking handle keeping the safety steps secure and ready for use.


  • What is the difference between Bespoke and Customised?

    Bespoke refers to a new one off designs. Customised refers to smaller modifications of a standard product from our range, such as perforated steel, different dimensions, additional holes added for bolt, upstand etc.

  • Why do we charge a drawing fee for bespoke and customised products?

    Without a drawing, we cannot show you the product before it is manufactured, therefore it could result in a product not being exactly as you would like. It is for clarification that you are receiving the correct design. We pass on the cost of making the drawings.

  • What are the lead times?

    Customised orders are delivered between 12-20 working days after approval of the drawing, while bespoke orders are delivered between 15-30 days after approval. 

  • What materials can you build bespoke in?

    Our standard 304 grade stainless steel or 316 on request. Any products with castors or feet will use our standard range unless requested otherwise.

Hygienic Design

Our products are long lasting and easy to clean through their intelligent design.


Quality workmanship, quality steel, quality welding and quality design.


The easy clean design save time and money cleaning down, and they’re built to last.


We offer helpful advice, reliable delivery and a knowledgeable team.

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