Food & Drink Processing

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Production Accessories

From spray guns to squeegees, ladles to churns, we have all the extras you need for your food-safe workspace. Many of our cleaning accessories are anti-microbial too, helping to kill bacteria mercilessly.

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Our food grade anti-fatigue matting allows fluids and particles to easily drain away, and its flexible, supportive surface helps to fight standing fatigue. It’s a big performer in all environments – dry, wet and oily.

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Storage & Handling

Stored tidily away, or being transported safely from A to B, whatever you need to store or move, we have the ideal vessel for the job. And you’ve guessed it – hygiene and ease of cleaning are top priority.

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Washrooms & Sinks

Teknomek can supply everything from pre-wash units to catering sinks – all easy to assemble and hygienic to use, with crevice-free design so that dirt and grease doesn’t hang around where it’s definitely not wanted.

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Changing Rooms

We have everything you need for a hygienic changing room, from smooth-edged garment rails to easy-clean shoe racks. Our stainless steel benches have sturdy storage built in, and we can custom build to your exact requirements.

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Hygiene & Waste

Sterilisers, dispensers, boot washers… keeping your workplace super hygienic can be a tough job. Our hygiene and waste products are heroes in their own right, helping you fight the fight, effortlessly.

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We’re well known for thinking about every little detail so we’ve invested in a super hygienic stationery range – stainless steel clipboards and document holders, and metal-detectable pens, ideal for food production lines.

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Tables & Lecterns

Our tables and lecterns are built to stand strong, manufactured from 304 grade steel, with minimal dirt traps for ease of cleaning in food-safe environments. Some of our lecterns are wall mounted to save you space in smaller areas. Neat thinking!

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What makes our products perfect for your industry?

Find out what makes our products special

Supports your hygiene routines

Boots can be thoroughly washed down while on the rack and the acute angle keeps the inside dry

Plastic free Prongs

Plastic free prongs, reduced risk register work

Reduced dirt traps

Rounded corners don't collect dirt and prongs present less surface area for dirt to collect

Space Saving

Reduced footprint and reduced trip hazard & lighter weight for moving when cleaning

Low risk, Fast cleandown

From a practical perspective, maintaining a well-ordered factory floor can substantially speed up production efficiency and cleaning procedures. The greatest element of risk in any hygiene controlled workplace is the most unpredictable – the human factor. It’s hard to gauge exactly what microorganisms might come into the workplace travelling on humans. The secret lies in selecting furniture and equipment that have fewer ‘dirt traps’ – ledges, seams, raised welds etc. – and offers easy access from all angles making it is inherently easy to clean. The time savings than can be accrued by removing unnecessary dirt traps can be substantia in saving valuable minutes week in, week out. Many of the amber alerts revealed by audits could have been eliminated at the point of purchase by conducting a few basic design checks


  • Are your products audit ready?

    Our products are designed with hygiene in mind. Therefore we have designed out dirt traps, removed plastic and tried to make it as easy as possible for you to pass audits.

  • Can your products withstand a lot of wear and tear?

    Yes. We use high quality 304 grade stainless steel, which when following the correct care and maintenance procedure, can last for decades. We also ensure all our factored products follow this high standard of quality.

  • What are the benefits of anti-microbial?

    Our anti-microbial products use silver-ion anti-microbial technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria like E-coli, Listeria, MRSA and campylobacter. This makes them highly recommended for production lines in the food industry.

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