Electronics & Cleanroom

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Achieve the optimum air flow in your cleanroom with our perforated tables, and the highest level of working comfort with our height adjustable tables and modular workstations – an ergonomic dream come true.

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Teknomek fights microbial contamination right from ground level. Our matting range includes autoclavable anti-fatigue matting that reduces standing fatigue; anti-static matting for ESD control; and sticky tack mats to catch and hold on to dust and dirt.

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When the payload is you, it’s important to have a good quality seat. Whether you need extra posture support, autoclavable, anti-static or anti-microbial properties, our chairs and stools are reliable workmates.

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From lockable wall cabinets to tall and tough floor cupboards, our stainless steel storage solutions are robust and hygienic. We’ve designed out unnecessary ledges and crevices, and you can bust the dust with an easy-clean sloping top.

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Waste Bag Holders

Our cleanroom-specific waste bag holders are manufactured to meet the strictest hygiene regulations. With non-shedding 304 grade stainless steel, clean welding and smooth edges, dirt and grime won’t be hanging around by the bins.

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Cleanroom Compliant

Grade 4

316 Grade Available

To make it even tougher


Perfect for your harsh clean down routines


Easily dismantled for thorough cleaning

Grade 5 as standard

Whether dissipating electrostatic charges or keeping the clean air flowing; all our tables, work benches, seating, mats and curtains are designed to support up to Grade 5 clean rooms. We can offer many of our standard products in perforated steel on request, from tables to cupboards.


  • What are the benefits of anti-static products?

    We have tried and tested our seating benches to make them the ideal height to suit you. Through research we have found 450mm to be the ideal height for sitting comfortably, swivelling around and stepping over. However if this doesn’t suit your needs, let us know and we can adjust the height, width or depth for you.

  • We require autoclave, are any of your products autoclavable? 

    Many of our products are autoclavable, from seating, to production accessories, to anti-fatigue matting.

  •  Optimal airflow is important to us, can you use perforated steel instead?

    Yes, we can. Some of products offer a perforated option, such as our tables. Other products can be manufactured with perforated steel at a bespoke cost.

  •  What is the difference between your standard waste bag holder and clean-room grade one? 

    The clamping band on the cleanroom version is made from non-shredding stainless steel so this won’t be a possible contaminant.

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