Why Choose a Teknomek Product?

Find out what makes our products special

Quick clean

Enable boots to be thoroughly washed down on the rack

Plastic free Prongs

Plastic free prongs, presenting less surface area for dirt to collect

Reduced dirt traps

Round corners that don’t collect dirt

Space Saving

Reduced footprint and reduced trip hazard & lighter weight

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Not only exceptionally hygienic, our mirrors are made from 304-grade stainless steel, meaning they can handle even the toughest of environments without breaking or shattering. 

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Seating benches

Our new & improved design now has even fewer dirt traps for easy cleaning, more compartments or shelving available for space saving storage.

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Boot & shoe racks

Our new & improved design takes up less space and is super-fast to clean. The prongs allow for more space between the boots which make cleaning the boots themselves a breeze. 

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Garment storage

Hooks, racks, rails, cupboards and hangers. All 304 grade stainless steel, ideal for changing rooms where hygiene is a priority.

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Available in stainless steel or mild steel, our improved hygienic design is even easier to keep clean.

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Give dirt traps the boot

Whether it’s seating benches, boot racks or garment storage, all our products under go intense development to ensure they are as hygienic and functional as possible. Following the recent launch of our boot racks, Neil Bailey, hygiene manager at Bakkavor, said: “After trialling the new boot racks, while the changes may have seemed relatively minor, they have had a positive impact on our efficiencies. Getting rid of the plastic prong ends means we’ve been able to save time on the weekly risk register while the lighter weight and improved angle of the prongs has made a big difference to clean down time. I’m excited about the long term savings this design will accrue.”


  • Why are your seating benches 450mm high and can I change this?

    We have tried and tested our seating benches to make them the ideal height to suit you. Through research we have found 450mm to be the ideal height for sitting comfortably, swivelling around and stepping over. However if this doesn’t suit your needs, let us know and we can adjust the height, width or depth for you.

  • How many pairs of boots do your boot racks hold?

    You can fit from 8-32 pairs on our boot racks, and we have wall mounted, static or mobile options available. Our new design is slimmer so it takes up less space while making it easier to clean.

  • What's the difference between mild steel and stainless steel?

    Mild steel will rust whereas stainless steel will not.