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You’d have to listen carefully to hear a Teknomek trolley gliding smoothly along, with its sound-absorbing wheels and shelves. Made from robust 304 grade stainless steel, they come with a choice of open tiers or fully enclosed, like a cupboard on wheels.

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Our tables are designed with hygiene in mind. Long lasting 304 grade stainless steel ensures they will last.

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Catering Accessories

ls, balers, paddles, churns and more. Tough, long lasting catering products.  

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Brooms & Brushes

Our industrial grade brushes and brooms always scrub up well. FDA/EU approved for use in food environments, they won’t shed filaments. For an extra level of bacteria busting action, opt for our anti-microbial range.

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When dirt plays hide and seek, it gives up easily in our cupboards because there’s nowhere to go – no ledges, no crevices, just solid, easy-to-clean surfaces. Available as a standalone storage solution or as modular design for use with Teknomek tables.

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What makes our products perfect for your industry?

Find out what makes our products special


Rust free, 304 grade stainless steel

Quick clean

Dirt traps designed out to save time cleaning down


Different sizes, upstands or shelves for ergonomic working - just ask!


Built to last, reduce risk of regular replacements

Lifetime Value

We know you never sleep. All year round events take place which puts a constant pressure on the industry to keep on giving. As such, it’s important to invest in furniture and equipment that can take the punishment. However, it’s not just the structural integrity that must be considered, it must also be resistant to corrosion, and otherwise robust enough to withstand frequent or cleaning routines... It’s a lot to ask, and that’s why 304 grade stainless steel is one of very few materials that are classified as ‘food grade’. 


  • I’m moving heavy loads around often, will your trolleys withstand that?

    Our standard general purpose trolleys are made to withstand 40kg per shelf, with a maximum of 240kg per trolley. If you wish to transport heaver goods, there is a heavy duty range, with has reinforced shelves and heavy duty castors.

  • I have to transport our equipment frequently for use at events, what would you recommend?

    Our light duty tables are made from thinner steel and are therefore lighter weight, and easier to lift and clean under, but still tough. Or we offer a range of our standard tables with castors for mobility. If it’s not tables you’re looking for, we offer a range of trolleys perfect for the catering industry.

  • Do you have hands free taps?

    Yes we can fit infra-red taps to all of our wash troughs. We also have hands free dryers and the Dyson Airblade.

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