Teknomek has promoted Claire Wells to Head Of Customer Service as part of our ongoing commitment to putting customers’ needs first. 

Claire joined the team as Customer Service Team Leader three years ago, and over time has developed both her role and her team to enable a market leading Customer Services Team that has elevated customer satisfaction beyond expectations.


The promotion highlights Teknomek’s unrivalled customer service in our delivery of leading-edge hygienic design. Claire is delighted with the promotion and commented: 

“I am very proud that this promotion acknowledges our team’s commitment to continuously improving Teknomek’s customer service provision, including reducing customer waiting time and advancing our workplace efficiency. Our brand values focus on delivering excellent service and the importance of our customers’ happiness. This promotion really exemplifies that ethos and gives me scope to continue to develop and improve each customer’s experience.”  

Teknomek’s chair Tom Worth adds; “Claire’s promotion comes as our customer satisfaction numbers are extremely positive.  94% of our customers are satisfied with the helpfulness and professionalism of our team. It is clear from Claire’s work, that we listen to our customers, and that we strive to meet their needs.”  

Over the past few years, Claire has brought and implemented significant improvements within Customer Service, streamlining internal processes, establishing a regular training programme and introducing new services in response to customer feedback. This has not only had a positive impact on customer experience as a whole, but also drastically reduced customer waiting time.   

Commenting further on her recent career move, Claire added: “I’m really enjoying how the board at Teknomek empower us to do what is right for the customer and their trust clearly pays off.”