Need a bespoke solution?

Want to customise one of our products?

We can create any stainless steel furniture for you – the possibilities are endless!

We offer a full bespoke build for products you just can't buy. Contact us about what we could do for you. 

  1. A wash trough with bespoke tap fitting
  2. Three tiered seating bench for extra storage

Case Study

A recent build we worked on was for a pharmaceutical factory in Slovakia.
The build required a platform and IBC container bund.


A fixed platform which allows access to a conveyor belt.


316 stainless steel, easy to clean, hygienic & have as fewer dirt traps as possible.

Bespoke pieces

Specific height fixed platform allowing access for staff either side of the conveyor belt & 1 ton IBC container bund to sit underneath

Length of build

5 weeks from approval of technical drawings

We can quickly customise our stainless steel products in all sorts of way, just ask!

Whether you require a simple change in dimensions or something more specific, the possibilities are endless. 

  1. Chemical Etching
  2. Rear upstand to prevent accidents
  3. Perforated top for airfolw
  4. Holes to suit your purpose
  5. Angled corners for safety
  6. Shelving for storage
  7. L-Shape for corners
  8. Wheels for mobility
  9. Bolt holes/foot clamps for safety
  10. Anti-static feet protects against ESD
  11. Sloping top for drainage
  12. Drainage system

Harsh Environments

316 Grade stainless steel contains more nickel making it more resistant to harsh environs. 

Awkward Size

We can alter the dimensions of our quality manufactured products to make it the exact size you need.


  • What is the difference between Bespoke and Customised?

    Bespoke refers to a new one off designs. Customised refers to smaller modifications of a standard product from our range, such as perforated steel, different dimensions, additional holes added for bolt, upstand etc.

  • Why do we charge a drawing fee for bespoke and customised products?

    Without a drawing, we cannot show you the product before it is manufactured, therefore it could result in a product not being exactly as you would like. It is for clarification that you are receiving the correct design. We pass on the cost of making the drawings.

  • What are the lead times?

    Customised orders are delivered between 12-20 working days after approval of the drawing, while bespoke orders are delivered between 15-30 days after approval. 

  • What materials can you build bespoke in?

    Our standard 304 grade stainless steel or 316 on request. Any products with castors or feet will use our standard range unless requested otherwise.

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