Wash Troughs designed with hygiene in mind

Perfect for hygiene-conscious environments


Stainless steel wash troughs

By eliminating unnecessary horizontal ledges we believe our wash troughs and sinks are the easiest, fastest to clean in the industry! We’ve looked underneath too, so that dirt points are removed, leaving you time to focus on other issues.

Our huge choice of sizes and specification enables you to select the style of hands free cleaning that suits your operation.


No side ledges for water to collect or pool with sloped self-draining bowl with minimal splash-back. Hands-free design prevents contamination

Quick clean

No side ledges for water to collect or pool - dirt traps removed and reduced horizontal surfaces with hygenic sloping top


Easy operation for all height users with optional knee operated paddle. Smooth ergonomic design as per the Teknomek standard


WTN010EXSEN - 1 Station with infrared sensor

This wash trough comes specially designed to be placed in the wall and the infra-red operation is mains operated.

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WTN020EX - 2 Station knee operated

Our two station wash trough is manufactured in fully welded 304 grade stainless steel, giving you peace of mind that the product ticks the hygienic boxes.

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WTN010EX - 1 Station knee operated

The new design sees the spout being lowered which reduces the likelihood of the user being splashed and the trough has been sloped to allow for self draining.

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