Trespa TopLab Base workbench top rear tie table

Our new Trespa TopLab Base top table range is a ideal choice for Cleanrooms and laboratories with its excellent chemical resistance, durability, antimicrobial and antistatic properties.

The Trespa TopLab Base is an easy clean with smooth surface. It comes in White 16mm Thick with polished bevelled edges and square corners and 10mm Overhang on all sides. Easy clean features include diamond brace which has been raised to 300mm from the ground to aid ease of cleaning.

You can choice between Diamond Rear Rail or Trespa TopLab Base undershelf. Rear legs are inset
Finished in brushed dull polish, these tables come with 304-grade stainless steel construction and 304 stainless steel with non-marking rubber based adjustable feet. It also comes with Stainless steel castor options

Upstand option available. Bespoke offering available upon request.

Our wide range of Trespa Top lab base tables are 900mm high and comes in 600 or 750mm depth and 600, 900 or 1200 widths. 

• Trespa TopLab Base base table with 304 grade Stainless steel underframe with rear rail
• White 16mm Thick Trespa with polished bevelled edges and square corners. 
• 10mm Overhang on all sides
• 900mm High
• Rear inset legs
• 4 stainless steel adjustable feet with non marking rubber base