Stainless steel shoe storage cupboard

Our stainless steel shoe storage cupboards are manufactured from robust, easy to clean, 304 grade stainless steel and are strong and sturdy due to the stainless steel adjustable feet. The sloping top increases the hygienic quality of the shoe storage compartment and pre-drilled drainage holes encourages easy cleaning. 

This shoe storage cupboard ensure that employees can store their footwear safely and in an organised manner, ensuring quick dress-up/dress-down within a changing room.  

Compartment sizes are 275 x 300 x 250mm and with a range of unit sizes available you are sure to find a shoe storage cupboard suitable for your changing room!     

Dimensions (W x D x H unless stated)
Overall size:
- 10 pair: 560 x 350 x 1550/1700mm 
- 15 pair: 840 x 350 x 1550/1700mm
- 20 pair: 1120 x 350 x 1550/1700mm
- 25 pair: 1400 x 350 x 1550/1700mm
- 30 pair: 1680 x 350 x 1550/1700mm 
Compartment size: 275 x 300 x 250mm 

• Fully welded 304 grade stainless steel
• Brushed dull polish finish
• Free standing 
• Sloping top