Why Choose a Teknomek Product?

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Wide seat and back, with strong 150kg payload

Easy Clean

Enclosed gas lift

Food Grade & Cleanroom Grade 5

Soft PU PBA free plastic seat

Fully Ergonomic

With a range of adjustable extras available


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Hygienic chairs and stools to make you sigh with relief. Our range balances comfort and support with excellent hygiene, with many compliant with high risk clean rooms.

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Browse our range of stainless steel desks, made with the best quality by Teknomek.

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All the essentials you need for handling documents in environments where hygiene is a priority – clipboards, document holders, pens and more.

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Computer consoles

Our food grade console units are ideal for protecting your equipment from splashes and dust, while being hygienic and tough.

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Table & desk add-ons

Create your perfect desk or table with our range of functional add-ons - draws, cupboards keyboard shelf and more.

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Metal detectable pens

Take more control over your production line which our metal detectable pens. Manufactured in metal infused plastic, they will show up on metal detectors on production lines.

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Filing cabinets

Our lockable filing cabinets are available with different options for both legs and drawers. Check our range out to learn more!

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Are you sitting comfortably? 

Just because hygiene always comes first in the workplace, it doesn’t mean users shouldn’t be able to spend their shift in comfort. Our hygienic chairs and stools range will make you sigh with relief. Each chair balances comfort with support; each aspect of the design is highly considered and puts ergonomics first. For example, even the process of changing the set-up puts the user first, ever lever and knob is within easy reach and intuitive. The devil is in the detail and although these aren’t the types of features you might normally consider when choosing a chair, the difference they make is palpable. Alongside comfort, the range is specially selected to be hygienic with our most hygienic being cleanroom grade 4, autoclavable and easy to clean.


  • What are the benefits of metal detectable pens?

    Metal detectable pens are made from plastic infused with metal and therefore show up in a metal detector. This is ideal for industries that use a metal detector to prevent any loose parts entering production.

  • Is your seating suitable for environments with very high hygienic standards?

    Yes. In the range we have chairs suitable for cleanroom level 4, which can also be sterilised in an autoclave.

  • Do you provide customised computer consoles?

    We can provide bespoke and customised computer consoles. Options include different monitor sizes, lockable options and drawer and cupboards inside the units.