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Get more from your seating bench

21 April 2020 10:07:21 BST

Our seating benches are so much more than just a seat. Designed with hygiene in mind we have made them as quick and easy to clean as possible. With minimal dirt traps and sealed crevices, they are a staple for any hygienic changing room.

Space Saving Storage

Our range just keeps on expanding, providing you with even more options for storage. Our benches provide a space saving option to store anything from PPE equipment to shoes, and it’s easy to access too. Choose from compartments or shelving to suit your needs. Strategically positioned storage benches in your building could be used to direct a flow of foot traffic from one PPE to another, which in turn could help maintain a steady and organised flow.

Social Distancing

Our seating and step over benches have often been used to separate between hygienic areas in changing rooms and in the same manner, could be beneficial in helping with social distancing too. We’ve suggested a few scenarios below in which we believe they could help:

-          Stop people entering certain areas completely or from a certain entrance to control foot traffic

-          Provide additional seating to keep a safe social distance between workers where space permits

-          Separate certain areas, perhaps by clean and dirty, to help prevent contamination

Bespoke & Custom Solutions

Can't find your perfect fit? We can design and manufacture seating benches to your specification. Check out a few ideas below:

-          Wall folding design for use in a small space

-          Make it mobile to make the product more versatile and easier to clean under

-          Step-through design that allows you to walk through the unit by lifting the middle section, but keeping storage on both sides

-          Add an additional layer of shelves or compartments to create more storage or store larger objects

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- By Charlie Sorrell

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