Medical & Healthcare

Teknomek design and manufacture the UK’s largest range of hygienic stainless steel products and for over 25 years our stainless steel furniture and equipment has been meeting the stringent hygiene requirements of the medical and healthcare industry.

Listening to our customers and knowledge of the industries they work in has been the key to our success. Teknomek’s design team are constantly researching new ideas to develop the diverse range of stainless steel products the manufacture so every piece has been ergonomically designed to not only meet standards but for ease of use and longevity.

Ledges have been minimised and every bit of furniture has adequate clearance from the floor to allow for easier cleaning. It’s the small details which make the difference in these environments. Anywhere from the operating theatre, patient ward or canteen Teknomek have a stainless steel solution which will exceed expectations.


About Teknomek

Teknomek Ltd. was founded in 1987 to service the furniture and equipment needs of the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical and scientific research, veterinary and other sterile industries where hygiene standards are the highest priority. Our focus has always been to put the needs of our customers first by providing high-quality and cost-effective stainless steel solutions to their hygiene requirements.

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Bespoke Projects

Whatever your individual requirements, we can provide a bespoke design, manufacturing and delivery service to meet your exact specification.

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