Knife Sterilisers

Our new and improved Knife Sterilisers, consistently provides hot water at sterilisation point of 82⁰C to ensure your knives are always audit compliant.  For added peace of mind, the low water cut out prevents the product from boiling dry and the hinged lid provides complete safety at all times. A flow deflector delivers water in a channelled manner to limit water spray, whilst the overflow ensures the product retains the correct amount of water. Through its clever design, internal channels now direct the water into the wide outlet for quicker drain time after use.

With easy to use installation and user instructions, the knife steriliser comes with integral wall fixings for ease of application and to allow for all round cleaning. The WRAS approved ball valves allows the product to be installed in new build applications.

And should you need to change the element, thermostat or low water cut out, access is no longer inside but external of the product, all of which are available as spares.

Dimensions - 6 knife
Width - 185mm
Depth - 148mm
Height - 579mm 

Dimensions - 12 knife
Width - 265mm
Depth - 148mm
Height - 579mm

Spares & Accessories
WS0212  Element 1kW Control Therm/Low Water Cut
WS0228  Control thermostat
WS0240 Spare Low Water Cutout For Elements
HWST-AC6KR or HWST-AC12R  Replacement Knife Racks