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By eliminating unnecessary horizontal ledges we believe our wash troughs and sinks are the easiest, fastest to clean in the industry!
The greatest element of risk in any hygiene controlled workplace is the most unpredictable – the human factor. It’s hard to gauge exactly what microorganisms might come into the workplace on staff’s hands but some 80% of infections, - whether bacterial, viral or fungal - are spread by touch, but maintaining a completely sterile, hygienic environment is time-consuming and expensive. This is where Teknomek is hitting the problem at its source and factoring in intelligent design choices can help to reduce both factors. Specialist furniture and support equipment should have hygiene factored into the design itself, minimising the potential infection risks from any gap, ledge or fold that could harbor microorganisms.

Hygienic Design

Our products are long lasting and easy to clean through their intelligent design.


Quality workmanship, quality steel, quality welding and quality design.


The easy clean design save time and money cleaning down, and they’re built to last.


We offer helpful advice, reliable delivery and a knowledgeable team.

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