Why Choose a Teknomek Product?

Find out what makes our products special

Occupational Health

Reduces risk of time off with back problems, muscle activity increased by 50%


Food grade, 100% anti-microbial nitrile rubber fights bacteria growth

Wide choice

Includes ESD and autoclaveable

Easy clean

Designed for washing down in situ, with handle for easy moving

Occupational Health

Daily work life can wreak havoc with your health, whether is sitting awkwardly or standing for long periods of time, many aspects of business can have a negative effect on your long term health. We provide a range of furniture and equipment that can help you reduce this. Our anti-fatigue matting range has been proven to improve workplace standing fatigue by up to 50%! We also offer ergonomic seating and height adjustable tables, which can drastically help take unnecessary strain off your body. Working with heights? Our safety steps provides a rigid and safe work environment at high levels. With a sturdy, visible locking handle keeping the safety steps secure and ready for use.


  • What are the benefits of anti-fatigue matting?

    It has been proven that anti-fatigue matting can increase muscle activity and decrease workplace fatigue by up to 50%. They reduce stress on your joints and muscles by allowing blood to flow more regularly throughout the lower body.

  • Do you sell mobile steps?

    Yes, our mobile steps make a strong and reliable workmate. With non-slip steps, sturdy visible locking handle and splayed legs for extra stability.

  • What are the differences between the permanent and single use sticky tack mats?

    The single use sticky tack mats contains 4 mats with 30 numbered layers to indicate time periods. The permanent sticky tack mats are quick to clean with a mild detergent. They both trap dirt and dust from shoes to prevent contaminants spreading.