Combination emergency shower & eye wash unit

Our combination emergency shower & eyewash unit features stainless steel spray heads with dust proof protective caps. The double filter aerators prevent any large particles from coming into contact with the eye and softens the water jet. 

Featuring a removable green shock resistant circular shower head, it is operated by pulling the green triangular handle which once engaged flows continuously.

Both the safety shower and eyewash are fitted to the wall and floor by brass plates.

A valve shut offs at the base of the incoming pipe so no water sits within the base of the unit to freeze or become stagnant. Frost free protection system comes as standard allowing the unit to be installed outside.

The unit is supplied with first aid signage for ease of recognition and the frost-free protection system comes as standard.

Very easy to operate, the shower drenches by activating the triangular pull, while the spray heads are operated by a hand push or foot plate ejecting the protective caps to allow water to spray affected eyes and face.  The water will automatically stop once the handle and foot or hand push plate is disengaged. 

• Depth: 660mm 
• Bowl diameter: 250mm
• Height: 2115mm
• Circular shower head: diameter: 250mm
• Wall mounting with a brass plate: 250mm
• Spray head centres: 140mm
• Signage: 200mm²

• Water supply: M1/2”
• Eyewash: 20 lpm/3 bar,
• Shower: 70 lpm/1 bar,120/3 bar
• Basin: 304 SS/green epoxy finish
• Spray Caps: Shockproof green ABS
• Pipe/Signage: Galv- steel/green epoxy
• Pull handle: Green epoxy brass