Why Choose a Teknomek Product?

Find out what makes our products special

Inhibits Bacteria Growth

By up to 99.9%

Minimal shedding risk

filament folded round staple then set in resin


Silver Ion Technology limits risk of bacteria growth


and dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning

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Maximum comfort and hygiene combined with our anti-microbial chairs

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Production Accessories

Ideal for use in environments that require exceptionally high standards of cleanliness and due diligence in controlling bacteria contamination.

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Insect Control

The anti-microbial safety curtains, with silver ions added at the extrusion stage, are proven to stop the growth of bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and MRSA.

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Pre-rinse units

Anti-microbial coating helps prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

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The 100% anti-microbial nitrile rubber material not only fights fatigue but is extremely hygienic too. The anti-microbial additive prevents the growth of bacteria and other contaminants.

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Sanitising Door Handles

Our anti-microbial coated push plate or virucidal sanitising door handle both kill 99.9% of bacteria.

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Our anti-microbial shadow boards are infused with Biomaster anti-bacterial silver-ion technology inhibiting the growth of bacteria up to 99.9%.

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Down to the nitty gritty

Despite strict hygiene policies and controls, contamination is at the forefront of everyones minds. This can have a devastating impact on a business and with such risks there is no margin for error. Regardless of how thorough your cleaning regime is or how strictly you enforce your PPE policy, the greatest single hygiene risk in any business is the people. Let’s look at the highly unpleasant facts, 80 per cent of infections, - whether bacterial, viral or fungal – are spread by touch. Now let’s consider everything you touch over the course of half an hour - desk tops, pens, money, door handles, keyboards, your mouth… We can touch as many as 300 different surfaces in a 30 minute period and most are packed full of unpleasant microbes. Opting for anti-microbial, you're cutting out a point of contamination and stopping microbes in their tracks before any damage is done. 



  • What are the benefits of anti-microbial?

    Anti-microbial is ideal for high risk areas, as the technology inhibits the growth of bacteria like E-coli, Listeria, MRSA and campylobacter. This makes them highly recommended for production lines in the food industry.

  • How does anti-microbial work? 

    Silver ion techonolgy, generally used within the product material or as a coating on the outside, is what causes the anti-microbial effect.

  • Why choose anti-microbial? 

    Anti-microbial provides extra assistance and reassurance in the prevention of growth and spread of bacteria.